My First Blog Post – To Blog or Not to Blog!


As a person who enjoys reading blogs, I have been wanting to start a blog for a while now but never knew where to start or whether anyone would read it.

Last night I decided to look up starting a blog and discovered WordPress which provides the opportunity to start a blog for free! Not only was it free, but it provided some template themes free of charge too! Since it’s free, I guess it doesn’t matter if anyone reads it or not; so long as I enjoy writing it. Well, I couldn’t resist and set up an account then and there. It was easy to do and in around 10 minutes, I had a blog! But then I stared at the blog page wondering what should I write for my very first blog post? I mean, it’s highly likely that no one will even read this blog post; but at the same time if anyone does stumble across it, I want them to enjoy what they read!

And so, I decided to go to sleep and think about it tomorrow. Well, today is tomorrow… And I had decided to write a blog post about my four favourite beauty products as my first blog post and so I began writing…

On writing this post about my favourite beauty products, I concluded that, it just didn’t have a first blog post vibe about it… And as such, I decided to write this blog post. Basically, my ramblings of starting this blog.

Anyway, I hope to blog about everything and anything. I have a ton of products I want to review as I often find myself looking for reviews of products and find people’s opinions on products helps determine whether I will purchase an item or not. I hope my product reviews will help people in similar situations.

Well, as far as first blog posts go, I guess I’m happy with it. I will also be posting up the post I prepared about my favourite beauty products as my second post since it’s already written anyway.

Bye for now!



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